Attention Prospective VIP Boardroom Members:
You're Invited To A One-Of-A-Kind "Mastermind" Workshop In
Orange County, California Where A Small Group of Exceptional,
Non-Competing Business Owners
Will Come Together To Create Unprecedented
Sales & Profit Growth in 2020

PLUS - Gain The Insights, and Tactics For Creating a
Significant Competitive Advantage In Your Market!
Will You Be One Them?
Only a small group of qualified business owners will be allowed to participate in this event. It is for serious entrepreneurs only... if you're not willing to stretch yourself and your thinking in order to create the business of your dreams, then stop reading this is not for you.

However, if you do have the drive, passion and ambition to push through
to new levels of success, then this may be for you.

Since time and space are extremely limited, please give this 
your attention NOW, or you will be locked out.
Dear Business Owner,

Imagine being taken "behind-the-scenes" of a super-company... a company selling the same products/services you’re selling. Imagine being able to see how that company handles production and customer service - would you pick up just one idea that you could apply to your business for an instant sales or profit boost?

Of course you would!

Imagine being in a room with other carefully selected, successful business owners, and being taken through a process of sharing best practices, big ideas and learning new ways of doing business.

Would you pick up just one idea that you could apply to your business for an instant sales or profit boost?

Of course you would!

Imagine being away from your office, in a beautiful (warm), world-class setting for two days and instead of working “in” your business… you’re working "on" your business.., being introduced to new ideas, then getting to think at much higher level than you ever could surrounded by the distractions of your daily life.

In this environment, wouldn't you pick up just ONE idea, strategy, tactic or resource that would give your business a significant sales or profit boost? Of course you would!

Well that's exactly what you’ll have the Opportunity to do on November 21st and 22nd at the beautiful Palm Harbor on Pacific Coast Highway.

My name is Pete Mitchell, I’m the founder and strategist of Profit Hacking Solutions LLC, an acknowledged authority on how to quickly grow business profits through proper business marketing, a member and featured speaker of the Genius Network ($25,000 annual membership fee) and the best-selling author of Lead or Fail, and five other business books.

And I will be leading this unique event. I will be working with you in a small group setting, and individually, to ensure you are prepared for success, and positioned to thrive through the economic earthquakes that are lining up to hit us in 2020.

On the following pages is the information for this event. All the details are inside. It's important to note: the offer is strictly limited, and time is short to make a decision. Here are a few quick highlights so determine right now if this is right for you, and if you should keep reading:

1. This event is being designed to guide each participant through a series of ideas, strategies, and resources, on 5 key areas of their business - that when implemented will help them gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace, as well as a sales and profit turbo-boost in 2020.

2. We are strictly limiting attendance to a maximum of 20 non-competing business owners. By the way, we will be enforcing a strict “No A**-holes” policy.

3. We will be doing real work. If you qualify for a “seat at the table” you will be given "homework" before the event - and expected to come prepared. By the end of these 2 days you will have an action plan ready to implement in your business Monday morning that will make you an additional $100,000 in 2020 (minimum).

4. This event is only for SERIOUS entrepreneurs, and each applicant will be pre-screened. To be considered you must have over $1M in revenue for 2018 or 2019, have a process for creating leads and making sales, and have a good reputation in your marketplace (this must be verifiable).

5. There is a fee for attending… the fee is to cover costs and time but is also meant to dissuade the “amateurs.”

6. The risk will be entirely on me. The event comes with a better-than-risk-free, 100% money back guarantee (see page 5).
** Since time and space are extremely limited,
please give this your attention NOW,
or you will be locked out. **
This invitation has gone out at the exact same time to about 3,000 business owners around the country. Between my clients, and people already on my waiting list, I expect this event to be “sold-out” within the next 10 days.
Why This Event? Why Now?
I firmly believe that if you are serious about being successful in your business, modeling and learning from already successful people is the best winning strategy.

I've worked up close and personal with hundreds and hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs of all kinds. A few months back while meeting with one of my clients he mentioned that he wanted to start spending more time mentoring and giving back to his community.

He wanted to start elevating the status of other up and coming business owners. I immediately had a number of ideas to help those goals. Including a suggestion to put together a new kind of event, one that’s rarely found.

Needless to say, after a few weeks of thought and multiple discussions with other clients of mine, I put together an event that I believe will bring a TON of value to the right business owners...
Who Else Wants To Discover The "Insider Secrets" Of
The Country’s Most Successful Business Owners?
Like I said above, I get to work with a lot of successful entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of the reasons why their businesses are so successful:

● Their business is respected by their customers, their team, their industry and even their competitors.

● Their business sells products and services at premium prices, HIGHER than their competition.

● They get a huge percentage of their business from referrals.

● They have completely DIFFERENTIATED themselves from their competition.

● They have STRICT financial controls, know how to plan and budget, price jobs properly and because of all this they make a very healthy PROFIT.

● They are able to take TIME AWAY from their business without worry.

● They have a very DEDICATED team around them (many have been there for 10, 15 even 20 years).

What's interesting about these businesses is if you look at them from the outside, they look like just another successful company. Good reputation, busy, successful. These business owners make it look easy.

However, unless you're "behind-the-scenes," unless you are a customer, or a part of their team (like me), there's no way you could understand HOW things are done inside to create the success they enjoy.

For years, because of their success, these business owners are often asked to speak at industry events, lead roundtables, even mentor other business owners who are struggling. Many struggling business owners even traveled to their businesses to learn how to do business their way.

The only challenge for many of the business owners at these big events is the ones seeking their advice are either direct competitors, or don’t have the ability to implement the advice.

This is why for this event; we’re strictly offering a seat to those who meet the criteria outlined above.

● There will be no more than 19 other carefully vetted multi-million dollar/year business owners (each participant may also bring one business partner, spouse or key employee).

● There will not be any competing companies.

● Each participant will have real world experience to contribute to the group.

● There will be a mix of direct presentation, roundtable discussion and group exercises. I will lead guided presentations on the key areas of success including: lead generation, sales conversion, delivering a world-class experience and developing a winning team.

● We will carefully dissect each area. We will identify opportunities in your business for improvement… maybe even reinvention. The end result being – how do we get more sales and profits from your business.

● We will use feedback, best-practices, ideas, etc. from the group collective (“Mastermind”), along with real world examples from other clients of mine, then tweak and adjust as needed for Your business.

● You will have guidance and develop an action plan for your company with clear outcomes and instructions for your team to follow and implement, so you won’t be stuck having to do all the work yourself!

● To develop your Ultimate Customer Experience, you will see and work with a mix of examples I have prepared from some of the world’s top EXPERIENCE companies. Companies like: Disney, Nordstrom, Zappos, Apple, and the Ritz Carlton. Along with examples, tools and resources that I will be providing.

(For example, did you know that the Ritz Carlton has what it calls The Ritz Carlton Gold Standards? It includes; The Credo, The Motto, The Three Steps of Service, The Basics, and The Employee Promise. What if you were to create Gold Standards for your company? In this workshop you will.)

● And much more.

Bottom Line: you will walk out with the basis for a brand new, exciting, dare I say, fun way of doing business, that your customers will LOVE.

A system.

With clear and measurable outcomes. I assure you, you will walk out with a plan, a clear set of outcomes and instructions for taking your business to a new level of success. You will know exactly what “done” will look like.

Who will get it done. And you'll have the written instructions, resources and the tools to get it done.
So, What Exactly Are We Going To Be Covering
and How Will This Event Make You More Money?
So let's break down each of the 5 areas we'll be covering in more detail.
We'll Introduce You To, And Show You How To Exponentially  
Grow Your Business By Activating The 7 Business Sales And Profit Multipliers.
At any given moment, inside every business - including yours – is the opportunity to add thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional sales and profits. During this session I'll walk you through the 7 Sales and Profit Multipliers that are found inside every business and we'll discuss tactics, resources and tools for making improvements to each for huge sales and profit growth.

Now, it's important to understand that if you want to grow your sales and profits through growth; that is, adding customers profitably you need to understand these 7 Profit Multipliers and how improvements to each impacts your results.

During this session, I'll introduce you to a proprietary tool I’ve developed (and use with my private clients) called The Performance Improvement Matrix™. Using this tool we'll be able to identify the 2 or 3 Profit Multipliers that will give you the greatest opportunity for a "turbo boost" of sales and profit growth you want for 2020.

It’s important to understand that when I work privately with clients to make more money, I go looking to uncover the hidden opportunities. The “low hanging and high hanging fruit” if you will. These opportunities for exponential growth lie in every business within one or more of these 7 areas. Period.

Once you understand how these 7 Profit Multipliers impact your business, you'll see your business with new eyes... and hopefully a ton of excitement. This will form the foundation for the work we will be doing together.
We'll Show You How To Generate
More High-Quality leads for your business.
Everybody always wants to know how to get more leads. In fact, most every business owner thinks "more leads" is the solution to problems. It might be in some cases, but the better question we’ll be working with here is; how do I create more high-quality leads?

During this session you'll hear from other business owners about the important decisions they made long ago in the area of marketing. These decisions were not easy but, were critical for contributing to their incredible success.

To help you create a more successful, effective and profitable marketing plan, so you'll get more high-quality leads, we'll introduce you to the Kennedy Results Triangle. There are 3 key components to any successful marketing campaign. Get any one of the 3 wrong and your campaign is not anywhere near as effective or profitable as it could be. Get 2 wrong and your campaign will fail. With a better understanding of this you will be better able to better design your marketing and advertising, so you’ll get more profitable leads.

We'll show you campaigns, strategies and tactics other successful companies use to create more high-quality leads. We’ll even show you the system I use to generate quality leads... this particular type of lead is worth over $2.1M year for my clients.
We'll Show You How To Consistently Sell At 
Prices Higher Than Your Competition.
One of the biggest problems companies around the country have is price strategy. Most business owners believe that they have to have the lowest price in order to get a job. This is problematic on MANY levels, least of which is if you are selling at low prices, you can't make the margins you need to make, in order to make the right NET profits your business and your family's personal wealth*.

Now, chances are good, you believe in premium pricing and practice it. In fact, I'm almost willing to bet that you are probably pricing your product at a premium within your market... that's great! However, you probably still get frustrated when you lose a customer because of price.

* By the way, if that word (wealth) threw you off... it was intentional. Many of the very successful business owners I know and work with are VERY focused on using their business as a vehicle for building wealth. Why else be in business? This is not a formal topic we will be discussing during this event; however, it would be a good break time or “after hours" discussion with me and the other participants.

You see, in the absence of any real competitive differentiation between companies, the consumer has no other basis to make a buying decision other than by price. And the degree to which you completely separate yourself from your competition is going to determine your ability to sell at prices higher than your competition.

During this session we'll work together to discuss tactics, resources and tools for selling at prices higher than your competition. Of course, you'll hear from other business owners about how they do it, but we'll also open the floor for discussion and collaboration… and we'll learn from each other.

As a bonus - I will talk with you about how to sell warranty and guarantee programs to your customers. In many cases these programs can add significant profit to your company.

Just one tip, trick, strategy or resource from this session can be worth your entire trip. Imagine if you learned something here that could immediately be implemented into your business and that ONE thing helped your team sell just one more client OR raise your prices by 5%, 10% or even 20%... not just in 2020, but in 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond, how much would that be worth to your company?
We'll Do a "Workshop-Within-the-Workshop" On How To Create and Deliver a World-Class Customer Experience So You Can Ask For And Get Premium Prices Plus, Get More Referrals Than Ever Before.
Most of the better companies do good work. They have good products. Their customers are, for the most part, "satisfied." But a satisfied customer just isn't good enough in today's business climate. Sure, you can make money and "get by" with satisfied customers. But, to achieve maximum profitability and maximize real value, you've got to strive for nothing less than Raving Fans.

Everyone wants more referrals. More repeat sales. Of course, there are any number of strategies for getting more referrals and sales and more repeat sales. But the basic, underlying, fundamental requirement is an EXPERIENCE that your customers will talk about, brag about, tell a story about. A customer so thrilled that they will take their friend by the hand and BRING them to you! That by definition is a Raving Fan.

One of the great things about being a business owner is you can have a high number of personal "touches" with your customers and many opportunities to WOW! them, or as they say at Disney, create "Magic Moments."

This is also a double-edged sword because you could just as easily create Tragic Moments!

By having a system for delivering your customers an extraordinary experience, each of those interactions is just another opportunity to impress your customers and give them a story to tell their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers about your business. Always remember: The better the story, the better your results.

So that's exactly what we'll be doing during this extended “workshop-within-the-workshop" - we'll be working together (through a unique process of my design) on designing, implementing and delivering an extraordinary customer experience in your company.

When you've created and implemented what I call your “Ultimate Customer Experience" your customers will have a story to tell. This will support premium pricing, which, in turn provides higher gross margins, more NET profits (obvious) but also leads to more repeat business, lower marketing costs and measurable marketing and competitive advantage.

There is so much unrealized profit in this area being left behind by companies it's not even funny. By the end of this session you’ll understand how referrals (and repeat/add-on) business is created. You'll understand why you don't get as many referrals could, or should. Most importantly, you'll finally have a system, that when implemented will dramatically increase the number of referrals your business gets.
We'll Show You How Successful Companies 
Create And Keep Winning Teams.
Finding high quality people is the number one challenge I’m hearing from many of my most successful clients for 2020. Unemployment is low, and it’s difficult to find good people for your company. As the job market tightens and salaries start to rise, it will become increasing difficult to bring on the right people needed to grow your company.

By getting better at KEEPING people and hiring the right ones in the first place, you'll have an important competitive advantage in your marketplace.

During this session, I will share with you the processes, initiatives, tools and programs my clients use in to recruit, hire, train and develop their winning teams. I'll show you how they've done away with subs and have brought all crews in-house and how they can afford to pay them high wages.
Why Should You Attend This Workshop. Now. With Us?
Although I’ve helped hundreds of business owners achieve incredible success, you may not know my background (if you do, you can skip this section) and why I’m qualified to present this material to you.

Real quick: I've been in the marketing and business consulting industry for many years. I’m the author of half a dozen business books, including the bestselling book, Lead Or Fail, I run a high-level mastermind group for business owners and entrepreneurs called the VIP Boardroom, and I’m a member of, and have been a featured speaker at the Genius Network (an exclusive Mastermind business group with annual memberships starting at $25,000).

At this point in my life, I have the privilege of working with some of the most exciting, successful entrepreneurs in the country. One young company I worked with gave me complete control of their Five-million-dollar annual marketing budget.

I have been asked to speak at industry events and have been interviewed on radio shows around the country. I have become the guy for social media marketing in the real estate industry, working with large real estate training companies as well as hundreds of Realtors.

Combine my experience, and the help I’ve given business owners in guiding them to making multi-million-dollar improvements in their sales and profits, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with my experience guiding a workshop like this… at this, or any investment.
It’s Go Time!
Will You Be One Of The Elite 20 To Be “Around The Table”
With Us On November 21 & 22 Creating Additional Sales and
Profits For 2020, While Creating A Significant Competitive
Advantage In Your Market?
So, it's time for you to decide if this for you. It really should be a simple decision.

If you see the value in learning from me and other successful business owners, then you WILL join us.

If you want to attract better quality leads, and sell at prices higher than your competition, then you WILL join us.

If you want to be in a room with other like-minded, success orientated business owners of companies just like yours, so you can learn, share and collaborate best practices, then you WILL join us.

If you are ready to increase the quality of your customers, the quality of your leads and turbo-boost your sales and your profits in 2020 and beyond, then you WILL do what it takes to join us.

If on the other hand, you are not a committed professional who recognizes that just one simple idea or process learned could have an immediate and significant impact to his/her profits and competitive advantage, then do not apply.

Or, if you're already achieving all your goals and are truthfully content with your business as is, your sales as is, your profits as is, then just keep on keeping on, do not register.

For you to have me leading a workshop of this caliber, with as much real-world, take home value we will be packing in, we could easily justify an investment of $7,500 to $9,500... after all, just one idea that helps your company sell just one more job per month this year would make that fee a no-brainer.

However, I want to offer a reasonable fee that would cover our hard costs, cover our time and leave a little extra in case we offer this workshop again.

So the fee for this workshop is just $2,000.00.

The investment includes your seat at the table, all meals, and all workshop materials. You may bring a spouse/significant other, business partner or W2/1099 business associate for just $495.

To make this easy for you, we're even offering a 2-pay option, 50% now, the balance on November 20th.
A WARNING: The temptation to procrastinate, to make excuses, will be there. If you are "on the fence", this may not be right for YOU. I can only warn you this workshop is strictly limited to the "right" 20 primary participants and at 20 in, everybody late is out. As I said right up front, between my clients, and the waiting list, nearly HALF of the available seats will be gone the first day.

PLEASE NOTE: Direct competitors will not be allowed. The rule here will be first in locks the market. Also, only serious players will be allowed in. If I don’t know you or know of you personally, there will be a phone interview with me to determine eligibility before final acceptance of fee. The fee is, by the way, intended to act as a qualifier to attract only motivated entrepreneurs and dissuade the "spectators" and amateurs.

This workshop is only for smart, committed professionals who recognize that just one simple idea or process learned could have an immediate and significant impact to his/her profits and competitive advantage.
Check Out What Past Event Attendees Have Said...
"I was absolutely inspired by Pete’s work. The real world experiences he related are things I am using every day in my business!"
Bill Cates, President of Referral Coach International
"Solid stuff and just what I've been looking for!"
Adam Broughton, CFP, Plan A Better Life
"Pete Mitchell has been absolutely fantastic – I can’t ever remember a speaker in my career that had such unanimous vote of excellence from every single participant – I was literally inundated with praises for him."
Kirk Kanenbley, President of
"You had good material & focused on something I needed to know. Especially like the case studies. Pointing out what works, what doesn't, and then why, really makes an impact. Well done. I learned something useful!"
Can You Really Afford Not To Be Here?
Finally, you may not be eager to leave your home and business few days and plunk down $2,000.00, I get it. But, let's consider this investment against potential return. As I said before just ONE that comes as a result of this workshop will more than pay for the program, travel, everything for you and a guest… but that's not or I want - that would have been a waste of your time... and ours.

The goal for each participant is to get at least one idea, strategy, tactic, tool, resource or process that will keep paying you month-after-month, year-after-year.

For example: If you have a $3M company doing 400 jobs a year, and you redesign a part of your customer experience and that system gets you just 3 extra referrals per month (36 per year)... assuming you close referrals at 40%, that would an additional 14 jobs this year - for $105,000. Now if you could use that same system for the next 3 years (you will), that one change is now worth at least $315,000 to you!

How about pricing? If your new experience system allowed raise your prices by only 5%, that could mean an additional $150,000 in revenue... this year. Again, multiply that by 3 years and you've got an additional $450,000!

How about sales conversion rate? Is it possible that one small "tweak" to your current appointment setting or pre-appointment process could help increase conversions by 3%... say from 28% to 29%? That little tweak alone is worth $30,000, just this year!

I could keep going but, I think you see how the payoff for workshop participants will be big. Even a seemingly trivial 1% boosts results in each step of the business process; conversion of leads to interested prospects/appointments, conversion of prospects to customers, transaction size and profit margin, and customer multiplication by referral can easily equate to 6-figures.
Here's What to Do Right Now:
So, now it's up to you. If you are the right kind of professional for this special event, then you need to register NOW. Once registered, we'll set up a quick getting to know each other phone call.

Once you're accepted, you'll immediately get event details, reservation information and your pre- workshop questionnaire package.
Pete Mitchell
Profit Hacking Solutions, LLC

P.S. This workshop will be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. You will escape from the day-to-day operations of your business. You'll be here on the beautiful Southern California coast, planning for surrounded by other like-minded entrepreneurs.
And, the best part is; You will find tremendous value in this workshop.
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